Q: Dash lights not working on 2000 Dodge Ram 1500

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Headlights,park lights,dome light works. No dash lights work. Have replaced main headlight/dimmer switch. Still have no dash lights. All connectors checked. Have NO voltage either side of good 5amp fuse listed for Illumination. Do have 12 volts at good fuse for gagues. ANY IDEAS?
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Sounds like you have checked everything except the bulbs. When you replaced the Headlamp switch, you must use the correct one, assuming you bought the part from a dealershiip, recheck the part numbers. Do not use used parts. You also have a 20A fuse in the Power Distribution Center Located under the hood (F) and a 5Amp fuse located in the Junction Block under the dash which feeds the instrument cluster lamps. The last item to check iis the Instrument Cluster Ground (G201) which is located on the instrument panel center support below the cigar lighter, but above the Air bag switch.
During investigating of the power distribution Center under the hood, discovered a blown 5 Amp fuse marked as Fog Lights. All other fuses checked good. After replacing the fuse, dash lights came back on! No idea why that fuse is labeled Fog lamps. Thanks for the idea.
some there is a control box under spare tire that corodes and keeps light but ck there if all fuses are good first sound stupid i know but they built it
same issue and i fixed it what it was is the fuses in by drivers door was the big blue 15 amp it showed good looked good but wasnt good changed with another same thing put a brand new one in and had dash lights and tails light so even if fuses show and look good best idea is replace with a new one and the blue 15 amp in box by driver door is first one id check