Q: Dash light not workig on 2003 Dodge Caravan

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?Instrument panel lights (speedometer) do not work. Rest of lights workOK.
(2) Answers
Remove the Instrument Cluster.Turn over cluster and expose the illumination bulb sockets. Identify which bulb is defective and twist it out of the cluster using a counterclockwise motion. Replace the bulb/socket assembly.
CLUSTER REMOVAL: Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
Remove Over Steering Column Bezel by lifting it straight up with a firm pull.
Remove the four cluster bezel attaching screws. Tilt the steering column in the full down position. Pull rearward on the cluster bezel and remove.
Remove the four screws holding instrument cluster to instrument panel.
Rotate top of cluster outward. Disconnect the cluster harness connector.
Remove instrument cluster from instrument panel.

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