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Q: Damaged oil pan on 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

Hit a major pot hole. continued to drive car when suddenly started to lose power going up a hill and engine started to tap. Car stalled as I was pulling off on side of road. Coasted to a stop at which point there was burning smell and a puff of blue smoke. about a quart of oil leaked out of the bottom of the car.

Was able to start car when tow truck came but turned it off quickly. Car is at shop now

Any thoughts on whether this is just a cracked oil pan or more serious engine damage?
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When the oil pan got damaged the oil pump pick up in the oil pan may have also got damaged causing an oil starvation problem in the engine. Same thing happened to a friend of mine her insurance company treated it as an accident and paid for engine work.
BTW. THis turned out to be a blown engine. No question now as to whether it was just a cracked pan or something more serious.

Our 2006 chevy cobalt has the same problem. Hit a large rock in the road, put a hole and cracks in oil pan. We had it fixed, put it back on, won't start. Then thought the starter was bad. Bought a starter (way too much money), and it still won't start. Did you have your motor rebuilt? How much did it set you back? Oh, my goodness, I owe wayy too much money on this car for this to be happening. To top it off, our key has never worked for the trunk, and while the battery was unplugged to replace the starter, my husband closed the trunk!! Have you ever tried getting the seat unlatched from the inside? Impossible. We had to jump it for power to go through the car. Apparently the trunk latch is electrically operated. I'll never again own a GM. Do you think my insurance may pay for this? Maybe I should try?
I have a 06 Cobalt as well, and I have put more money into that car than I ever have any of my old second hand cars!! VERY FRUSTRATING!
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