Q: Damaged ABS Sensor on 1994 Nissan Maxima

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Can a damaged ABS Wheel Speed Sensor cause other electrical problems, Or Electrical grounding problems outside of the ABS system?

I replaced wheel hub bearings last week, and since then, my power locks, windows, seats, and seatbelts have failed. I smelled some electrical smoke about 4 days after the problem started, but all of the fuses and wires appear to be intact. The problem started with just the radio shorting out, but then spread to the other systems.
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It wouldn't seem likely that any damage done to a wheel speed sensor could cause the problems you are describing. I would however get the vehicle inspected, if the wiring is shorting out, and you're smelling smoke, there is a potential for an electrical fire.
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The electric seats are on a circuit breaker, the windows are also on a circuit breaker that receives power from the green fuse link wire in the engine compartment (near battery terminal or fuse box), frequently the door master switch fails, As Bret said get this attended to as there is a real risk of fire.