Q: Cylinder Head Replacement on 2002 Audi TT Quattro

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I need some advice on a Cylinder Head replacement for a 2002 Audi TT - 4 Cyl, 1.80 L Turbo, 4 wheel drive - engine code ADP.
Timing belt broke while driving car and all valves are bent. I am searching for a used Cylinder Head not a rebuilt one. I was told by someone that this engine is a VW engine and I get a used cylinder head from A VW. Is this true? I am searching the internet and it asks me the make and model of the car - I believe I can broaden my search if I can also look for cylinder heads out of a VW. Also how do I go about choosing the best used cylinder head. All cars have been totaled and the salvage yards are giving me the miles off the of the totaled car. Does the mileage really make a difference e.g. 77,000 or 95,000 and what questions should I be asking? If you can also recommend where to search, I would appreciate it. Do you know an estimate for such a repair? Thank you!
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Did you have a machine shop check the valves and the head? When this happens often you can just replace the valves. Are you SURE that the head is ruined? It is WAY cheaper to replace a few valves and maybe some valve seats and then re-surface the head. I am not completely sure about the VW/TT head swap. I know that the engines are very similar but I would verify this with a VW/Audi parts dept.

Good Luck!
yes you can use the Passat head, but best thing to do is replace the valves which is cheap and easy. ECS Tuning has valves Intakes for $9 and exhaust for $14, valve seals for $4 normally this engine only bends 4 or 5 valves