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Q: cylinder 8 glow plug and fuel level sensor A codes on 2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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I have two codes showing up the cylinder 8 glow plug and my fuel level sensor A on my 2006 f-250 6.0. a few days after engine light came on and I got diagnostic with codes my truck started blowing white smoke like crazy any idea what is causing this and if the issues are related ?? I have checked oil for water in engine but all fluids seem fine and no milkyness anywhere.
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White smoke is indicative to coolant consumption. Probably has nothing to do with your glow plug and fuel level sensor code.

The cooling system could have developed a leak in the engine oil cooler or the EGR cooler. Have the cooling system pressure checked.

This particular engine beneftis from having a 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel specialist inspecting it. There is a ton to know about, and a ton of tricks these techs know to streamline diagnosis and repairs. I strongly recommend you find a good Power Stroke tech local to you that can aid you in your diagnosis and repair.
Thank you for your help Dave I consulted with a tech from snap-on where my sister works and also a local tech near me they both had the same outlook as you. Unfortunately it is my egr cooler and also my valve. the two codes are unrelated to my smoke/steam issue as you said and will be replacing those as well as my oil cooler to eliminate the issue again as per the two mechanics. I came across an egr delete kit do you have any info on this ????
I do not in any way recommend the EGR cooler delete kit...

I do strongly recommend keeping cooling system maintenance going - check the nitrite level every oil and filter change and use cooling system additives as necessary to keep the protecting properties of the coolant up.

EGR cooler and engine oil cooler coolant leaks happen because they deteriorate due to coolant getting weak in its protecting properties. These are very sensative components. But they are very necessary components. The exhaust gases and engine oil must be cooled in order to prevent other system abnormal wear and failures.

Yes, it's a huge repair, but it's a chance to start over. Change out the coolant, change the EGR cooler, clean the sludge out of the cooling system, rebuild the oil cooler, and start over. Good luck!
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