Q: Cylinder #4 Misfire on 1996 Toyota Camry

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I have a check engine code that indicates a misfire in cylinder #4. I've already changed the spark plugs, wires, distributor, distributor cap, rotor, and the fuel injector #4. I've also had the pressure checked for all cylinders; all were fine. None of this has solved the problem. I noticed that every time i cleared the check engine light, I was fine for about a few days and then it would come back on minutes after i turned on the car; it has never appeared while driving. I do not know where else to look and i do not want to continue driving my car with a check engine light. Please help.
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Is the code PO304? Does the engine sound like it has a misfire at idle, does it run rough. I have replaced fuel injectors on these, check the valve clearance (they are shim adjusted, a tight valve will cause a misfire) and check for a vacuum leak at the intake manifold gasket or a hose off the manifold near number one runner at the manifold. Another possibility is the EGR being dumped primarily into #1 cylinder if the other EGR passages are getting restricted not such a Toyota problem (common Honda problem).
what is an EGR? I'm having the same problem, check everything that was basic for ex. spark plugs, Coils, injectors, switched injectors and coils, but i did notice a leak coming from my intake manifold, I had also done a compression test, cylinder $ 1,2,3 reads at 170, cylinder # 4 reads at 120, you think the faulty gasket is causing cylinder #4 pressure to be that low?
I eventually had the entire head replaced... And that obviously eliminated the problem....
lots of problems with carbon causing initial start up miss fires. as the engine warms up, the miss stops. you need someone to run a top engine cleaner for the valves. worst case is the head has to be removed and de carboned.