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Q: Cv joint replacement on 2001 Ford Taurus

My card needs cv joint replacements in the front. Also mechanic stated front needs repair badly. It makes very bad noise in the right front when I pass over a small bump on the road. Wheel shakes if I speed over 35 mph. Shop quoted me $1400 including 2 front cv joints, 4 new tires, balancing and alignment. I need my car to last me at least 1 more year. I have not had any problems so far. I have owned it for 3 years. It has 175,000 miles. I bought it when it had 150,0000. I drive very slowly, like a grandma! and only in the city no more than 15 miles a day. I have taken care of regular maintenance to the dot, such as oil changes. I was not expecting such high quote, therefore I would like to know: does it sound like a good price? By experience, could you guestimate (I know it is very unpredictable) if I can get out of my car another year of service? Thank you very much to anyone who replies.
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I've seen some head gaskets fail on Fords but it sound like you try to maintain your car well so I am sure the hoses ,fan belts and coolant are OK. Regular oil changes add life to any engine and long engine life really hinges on the frequency of previous maintenance. The price for all the work sounds fair and will at least give you piece of mind. Keep your receipts for work done it will add to the value of the car when you do decide to sell it.
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Its ball joints and tie rod ends your mechanic has mentioned and a wheel alignment is also going to be needed. It is so hard to have to spend so much money on car repairs in this present economic climate.
Thank you so much for replying. Well it is more than the cv joints, something call the balls and tire rods need to be replace as well. The mechanic seems to be a fair man. He lowered down the price to $1094 but I will shop for my own tires. The engine is mechanically sound. You are correct, changing the oil makes a difference! I am grateful I can keep my car.
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