Q: CV Boots and Axles..both sides on 2003 Hyundai Sonata

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I've been told that my 2003 Sonata needs the above-noted repairs. I hear a clicking noise when I turn my wheel. I have 88K miles on my car. I don't see other owners complaining about this problem on your website, so I am wondering if I really do need new CV boots and axles on both sides. Hyundai has told me that it's not covered under my warranty and they have had no recalls or service reports. I have been told that it is very unusual that I should need this type of repair for a car of this age with this much mileage. If I do need this repair, should I go to the dealership or an independent repair shop? I've been quoted $400 or more. Does that seem reasonable? I bought this car because I liked the way they stood behind their product, as well as the safety features of it. But I have learned that they are not always 100% behind their product. I can't believe how many service reports are listed that I was never notified about. The only recall notice I got was about my door handles, which took months to replace, even after they made an appt. with me to replace them!

I am worried about the clicking sound when I turn. Safety is a big issue since I drive everyday with children in my car. I'm not sure I am getting honest answers. Can you help? Thanks!
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I too have a 2003 Sonata and am experiencing the same thing. I know this sound is the CV joint from a prior car I owned had the same thing happen. Back then I did the work myself and it was fairly straighforward and simple, however, I will have a qualified mechanic do the work this time. I was quoted $340.00 by the dealership so I will probably shop around for a better price closer to home. This is not something specific to Sonata's but even though there are no recalls I wonder if it isn't a weak point in these cars for it to happen so relatively early in their lives. It is not a real emergency safety concern but it sure is a troublesome sound. I have a question for you though, have you had any headlight issues? I am replacing the headlamp on one side or another regularly and see lots of one-eyed Sonatas on the road. Also, it took a year for the dealership to inally get my door handles replaced.
I have an 05 Elantra with the exact same problem and the dealership wants $781. I proced axels and they are $80ea with free shipping. Any one know how hard they are to install?
$80 for a rebuilt CV axle (half-shaft) is a decent price, and the dealer quote is typical ($350-400 per side). If you want to do it yourself to save the money, plan for a whole day especially if you haven't done it before.
boot failure on all front wheel drive cars is common. the problem is after the grease all goes out of the boot, the bearing runs dry and now you need an axle. 400 is a good price. our shop is a bit more. make sure they align the car when they are done.

I have had both my axels replaced on my 2003 Sonata. Not because the axels were bad, but the CV boots were and it's faster and therefore cheaper to have the axel replaced. I am getting ready to have them done again. I purchased "refurbished" parts from a local NON HYUNDAI auto parts store and it's been a little over a year so I am ok with it based in my driving habits. Please don't make the mistake of confusing your local Hyundai dealer or service center with HYUNDAI the manufacture. Just remember some service centers are better then others. Have a talk with some previous customers who may have had the same or like service performed and make your own choice.
I was quoted $165 today. So shop around, they make plenty as it won't last . I know I had it done 4 times already.No more FWD for me I'll take my chances with a drive shaft and U joints.
I have 2004 Sonata, with now 85,000 mi. have had issues for years, had in a bad shop then it had 50,000 mi and they so called replaced the right side joint, in fact im sure they just put on new boot and charged me 680.00.never go back there.. been in several different shops ever since asking if they know whats wrong, they couldnt tell. so, thru my own research and lots of input from others like yourselves, has helped. Im getting mine in to also have both CV joints replaced. mine feels like the left front wheel is gonna buckle. Also thinking could be partly the struts. so, thats getting replaced too. .just had to comment..other than that its been good car.