cuts out at high 3200 rpm on 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

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when i floor it to pass or accel to enter a highway it cuts out at 3200 rpm and wond accell anymore. when in nutural it doent cut out and sounds fine. Could this be a trani problem?
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Possibly but it can be an issue with the fuel system too, or several other things related to the engine management system. Do you have any warning lights on?
no warning lights at all just kinda cuts out and jerks a little bit like it doesnt want to climb past 3800 rpm almost like a governer problem weird
yeah that was me^^^^^^ forgot to sign in.....
Hard to say, it will require running a few checks to see if there's any diagnostic info stored in the engine and transmission control modules. I suggest having a shop that is familiar with these TDI's check it out.
Here are a few near you to call if needed:
Try to take a tech for a test drive so they can experience the problem, this can make it easier for them to diagnose.
Good Luck
ok got in it this morning every thing was workin normal acceled perfect shifted fine... drove bout enough for it to get nice and warmed up and then it started again and this time from a stop if you step on it to get goin it will shimy and sputer trying to accel and act like it doesnt want to shift and goes way past 4000 rpm. you have to let off the pedel for it to shift so you can keep on going... so I have no clue. ill find some where to take it here soon...
let me know what you find out...i just experienced the same problem...
who are you? do you have an email address? I am going to go put it on computer here in a week or so and see what it comes up as. My therys are either the fuil system is dirty and needs flushed. or the tranni is low on fluid ( sealed case) or some kind of electrical problem that is what i am kinda thinking. Some days it runs great and others it doesnt So it can be really michanical such as a tranni is what im thinkin probobly more on the lines of electrical OR Fuel system or mabey it could be a setting in the on-board computer.
it was the fuel pump guys thanks......