Q: Cutlass won't run, no trouble codes on 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

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1989 V6 2.8 FI - runs 5 minutes and then turns off - have checked battery, alt, starter, fuel pump, throttle, EGR ~ no TROUBLE codes. ANY ideas would be great?
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My 89 hasn't ran since June 30 when it started doing this same thing .... 513.00 in parts of every kind, a full page of other things cleaned or checked, and hours and hours later and the car is worse than it was ... had no more money to put in and all money into car ... neighbor gave me a 1990 that runs ... we're in the middle of stripping and crushing the 89 ... the only thing I can say is my hubby is a mechanic and the mechanic he uses is completely out of ideas ... it turns out by buying the 90 I have 2 and 3 parts for the 90 ... that was our solution ... at least all the money in parts won't be completely lost ... personally I think the manufacturer should be held accountable ... so many with the same problem ... then let's not even start about the shabby door handles ...
At least one code will always come up to let you know that the ECM diagnostic circuit is working. If no codes at all come up there is probably a problem with the ECM (computer). Call around, some places may have a used one for alot cheaper than the dealer. In 2007 the local Buick dealership wanted $1,800.00 to replace the ECM in our 1992 Buick Century(very similar to your vehicle). We found a Triple A approved garage that only charged $150.00 parts and labor for a used ECM and it worked great.