Q: cut off an will not hit or start. on 1997 Dodge Dakota

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I was driving down the road an it just cut off an I tried to start it an it seem like it would hit at first but no more.Put gas in the ports an it still didn't hit or start.How can I tell if fuel pump id working an are there any filters that might be stopped up?
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Pull the coil wire out of the distributor and see if spark will jump to a metal ground on the engine somewhere, while helper cranks the engine over. Then post results for more help. If you don't know what i mean, get a mechanic or car savvy buddy to show you! This will be a great start to finding the problem!
Now IF you have done this test right, forget about the fuel system! Here are some things it may be: ignition coil, crank sensor, ASD relay, faulty distributor, ECM or wiring. Now you will have to decide whether you can fix it, or if you need some hands on help!
If you decide to just replace some parts and hope it works, start with the ignition coil, then the the ASD relay. After that, suggest getting help!
Good luck with it.
Post the results of the repair so others with the same issue may benefit.