Q: Cupholder front separated on 2000 Buick Regal

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Thed center console cupholder front has separated from the cupholders. How can I remove the cupholder unit and reattach the front to the cupholder?
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Remove the front floor console trim plate starting at the front and working back, pulling the front floor console trim plate upward in order to release the tabs from the retainers.
Disconnect the electrical connectors from the traction control switch, if equipped. Remove the front floor console trim plate from the vehicle. Drill out the riviets from the pivot points.
Remove the cupholder from the front floor console trim plate
You maybe able to repair it after you get it out and you are able to see what's going on with it.
There are six press in tabs you need to pull up on to release the center console plate. Check around on the inside to see if you could locate the small springs and/or the cup holder side panels that may have fallen off. The problem I found was the cup holder piece separating from the base. The three small plastic tabs between which they melted to form the bound wore out and broke off on mine. I reassembled the hinges with the springs and super glued the top piece to the base. Did not need to remove the cup holder assembly for this repair.