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Q: Cruise Control won't turn on most of the time on 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

2005 T&C Limited - The cruise control won't turn on about 90% of the time, but occasionally it works. I can't identify any pattern to predict when it will work. When I push the cruise "on" button, the "cruise" light on the dash doesn't light up (90% of the time), and the cruise doesn't work at all. Once in a while, though, when I push the cruise "on" button it will turn on like it should, the "cruise" light comes on, and the cruise works. When this happens, usually it will shut itself off within a few minutes and the cruise light goes out, but very occasionally it will stay on and work normally for the rest of the drive. This has gradually gotten more frequent since 2007. Dealer has replaced BCM (under warranty) which didn't change the symptoms, and they have no idea what else to try.
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The system is seeing something that isn't working, and as a safety precaution, shuts down. This can be a brake light switch, a deactivation switch, wiring... A good diagnosis will be able to monitor all speed control components and find out what is missing.
Thanks for the reply. The dealer has said multiple times that they can't find anything wrong with the cruise control system. Is this an especially complex system, or is that just a lazy dealer story? Would an independent mechanic have the equipment to do this type of diagnosis? I checked with an OBDII reader just in case that would tell me something, but it says no error codes are set.
Well, I hate to say "lazy dealer story", but with diagnostic tools able to monitor many of the components - it should really be something that shows up.

The OBDII reader only scratches the surface; a good independent shop has a top quality diagnostic tool that will work.
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