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Q: Cruise Control flickering and shutting off on 2003 Pontiac Vibe

Occasionally the cruise control on my Vibe shuts off. When it shuts off, the "Cruise" light flickers off. Sometimes it works fine. When it shuts off, I can reset it to speed, but it usually shuts off again soon after. I have shut the cruise off and then turned it back on (kind of a reboot) but that doesn't seem to help. Most of the time it works flawlessly...
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Several things could cause this, the cruise control module located behind the instrument cluster, the cruise control switch, the cruise brake release switch, wiring etc. The Body Control Module may need to be checked with a scan tool to look at the cruise module for any fault codes. The module runs self-tests and stores info that can be read thru the BCM. Suggest you get a qualified technician to look at this for you. Hope this helps
It's prolly the switch on the steering wheel. Sound's just like mine. replaced it + the clock spring cuz i also had an air bag light for the steering wheel air bag and good to go 250,000 miles still running strong let me know if that fixes it
After re-readind my post i thought that i might that add I am not sure if the problem was in the switch or the clock spring. I got the parts off a junker. so it may have been just the clock spring or both parts at fault.
What does this "Airbag Light" look light? My Vibe is doing the same thing with the cruise control.
Hey, I am the original poster. Someone mentioned the airbag light being on. Mine is as well. So I have cruise control AND airbag light on.

One thing I did notice also is that, when the air conditioning is on and the car cools off, the cruise works fine. The airbag light is always on, however. Maybe the steering wheel is the problem?
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