Q: Cranks no start on 1995 Ford Mustang GT

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car originally had aftermarket sec sys (hornet) but due to starting when wanted had removed, car started ok (5 mo later) it now either starts immed or in 5, 10 , 25 or all day intervals. today would not start at all, ran battery down trying, jumper but no start. went back an hour later, left cables on for about 15 min started. once started has plenty of fuel. when we were trying to jump first time put pen in little plug in engine and fuel spurted out. car has valet? no longer have remote after taking aftermarket sec system off. check engine light has just begun to come on once started but goes off immediately, not enough time to have diagnosed. have had advance check all electrical, all okay. fuel pump has tested okay, button in trunk is pressed down. fuel pump relay, ignition wire or valet? Thank you.
(1) Answer
Once the check engine light comes on, a diagnostic code is stored and will remain until it is erased, so you should check that. The other test that needs to be checked is for spark at the plugs and are the injectors delivering fuel to the engine?