Q: Creeking Noise on 2003 Buick Rendezvous

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Can anyone tell me what the proble might be with my rendezvous? When I slow down to come to a stop, there is a creeking noise. I've had the car in several times for repair. Each time there has been a different problem, but the noise is still there!
(2) Answers
Noises are always difficult because you can hear them and not see them. It makes it even more difficult trying to diagnose a noise over the computer. If you have had the car in the shop for this noise and it's still there then that tells me that the problem is not an easy one to find and repair. Tools like the "Chassis Ear" can help with noises and help to narrow it down to certain areas. Once that's done then the technician can try different things to isolate and stop the noise.