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Q: Creaking front end after driving awhile when stopping, starting, turning wheel on 2002 Dodge Stratus

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and going over small rises as slow speed. Does my car have sway bar bushings that need lubricaction? Does it require ball joint lubrication?
It's quite possible, you have sticking caliper/brake pads. There are three possible fixes. One, replace the caliper brake lines. Two, replace the calipers, and three, replace both the brake lines and calipers. I have an 02' Dodge Stratus, Currently I have the same problem, and I discovered a buildup of dirt and grime and my front caliper brake lines. I also hear a metallic rubbing noise when I turn left or right at slow speeds after braking. Since it's a closed system there is no way to lubricate them. Every now and then I get a Slight jerk left and right, nothing that will cause an accident, but enough to recognize my calipers and brakes are sticking on my front rotors. These are the options I have discovered.
I recently replaced my front hub assembly thinking my ball bearings were bad... One side was original manufacturer part from 2002, the other was replaced almost 9 months ago. I replaced them both anyway. Still have the sound. The creaking sound may be the calipers when trying to release from the rotor, or when applied trying to close.
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