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Q: Crankshaft sensor replacement inquiry on 1996 Nissan Sentra

I see a comment in the common failure locations of this website that the crankshaft sensor can fail and cause the car to idle very low and / or shut off.

I am thinking this is whats causing my car to intermitently shut down when I amd at a standing idle.

My question is do I have to reset/set the timing on the car when I replace this component in my distributor? It appears I might if I disassemble and replace this crankshaft sensor.

Please advise and thank you!
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Yes, you will have to reset the timing, but just use a punch to mark the spot where the distributor is now and then you will be very close. On Nissan, in order to re-set the timing, you have to disconnect the Throttle Position Sensor while the car is idling and warmed up, usually the Brown one ( on auto trans models there are 2 ). Then once the timing is re-set to spec ( look at your under hood label ( it is either 15 or 20 degrees ), you have to reconnect the Throttle Position Sensor.
To Dandd,
Just found this posting that relates to me 96 Sentra problem. Thank you for offering. Some additional questions though ...
1. What if the the label is NOT on the hood? Hood was replaced and repair shop failed to transfer over the label. Could we decipher the VIN to give up the right engine and degree settings? Or would I need to ID the engine serial #?

#2. I heard at one time that a component (capacitor maybe?) in brownish -dirty red color that is located in the distributor can be the culprit of this problem. This thing evidently sits under the rotor button. Are you familiar with this component causing problems?

#3. If the part I am describing in #2 is a possibility then is it replaceable as a stand along component or is the whole entire distributor unit have to be replaced?

Thank you for your expertise and support.

NC resident
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