Q: crankshaft sensor on 1992 Dodge Dakota

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this question is to roy about crankshaft sensor.i replaced sensor with one from autozone and magnet isnt as strong as old one .should i get origenal equipment from dodge. i have been working on this truck for almost a year off and on,have replaced everything on it for ignition and still wont there a way to check timing chain without tearing into motor?
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oem is much beter than aftermarket. yes, i would go with that.
remember, you need compression, fuel and spark to make it run. a fuel pressure check will confirm fuel pump working. a spark tester at the plugs will confirm spark.
as far as compression, you need a tester to confirm.
you can check the timing chain by removing the dist cap and setting the motor to top dead center with number 1 cylinder. the rotor should be pointing to number 1 wire in the cap. if it is not, then you have an issue with the chain.

all this is tough if you have no expierence with diags. a shop may be able to confirm at least where the problem is and give you a bid.