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Q: Crankshaft position sensor on 2003 Kia Sorento

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I was told my crankshaft sensor needed to be replaced after the car was kinda jerking on the interstate, like it was downshifing hard for no reason, and then the engine stopped while we were going 75mph on the interstate. They wanted to charge me over $720 because they said they wouldn't do it without changing the timing belt because it has 91k miles on the car. We just bought it 10 days ago for $9k and now the shop wants 700 more, what should I do?
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First of all, my info says that the timing belt on the 3.5L V6, which your Sorento has, is to be replaced every 60,000 miles. I have to believe this belt was replaced by the previous owner, but I would try to find the repair order from the previous owner. Do you have a record of the timing belt replacement?
I have no record of it. I figure I might as well go a head and change it if they are in there, and save my self 20k miles down the road.
My crankshaft sensor went bad at around 113,000. The only problem was that I would be driving down the and my engine light would start to blink, then it was fine. It wasn't until I was driving down the street and the car just stopped. Luckily not on the highway.
Ironically I had just left Kia from making an appt to get my timing belt changed. The idiot in service was sure that was the problem. After having my car towed back to Kia and them having it overnight the same thing happened not less than 2 hours after I picked it up. When I took it back they said the engine light wasn't on so there was no indication that the sensor was the problem.
Beware, of the service dept. So far this is the only problem I have had with my 2003, with the exception of the a/c going out after 135,000 and a cracked overflow res.
Btw, they had to remove the timing belt they just put in to get to the crankshaft sensor.
The crank shaft sensor is the only thing a person needs to replace when this problem presents itself. However, the reason the repair shops are suggesting to replace the belts is because there is no extra labor to do so (or shouldn't be if you have an honest mechanic). I have seen many timing belts last over twice as long as the suggested scheduled maintenance but beware: The Kia 3.5 is an interference engine. This means if the timing belt fails, the pistons will hit your valves and when that happens there can be some serious damage done: Bent valves, scared pistons, cracked heads. It is possible a whole new engine might be needed. Yes you can get by with only the sensor replaced, but is it worth the risk as long as your mechanic has everything tore apart already?
My 2003 Kia sorento has an eletrical issue of headlights blowing frequently and I've had to replace the light modual twice. I was having the same issue with what I thought the transmission slipping and had it in to my mechanic but when he hooks it up to his scanner it doesn't show anything wrong. I took it back to him Monday night and scan was fine yesterday it died and had to be towed to shop. It's the crank sensor. The AC also isn't working right now. I just got this the end of June and the air was working fine then. It only had 85k when I got it and has just over 100k now.
The best advice I can give is burn the piece of crap and walk away. I got 148,600 km and the cost of repairs from it I could have bought a new car. Wheel bearings, 96,000 hubs,rotors and calipers damaged due to bearings. One wheel just fell broke off due to bearing. Chipped key died as I only got 1 so new ECM and security computer plus ignition and keys to match. Mega bucks. Bad wiring. Gets below -5 and cruise or some windows don't work. U joints going but not replacing due to fire. New O2 sensors and cats. 3 Fuel pumps. Probable other things but this was the killer costs.
'My 2003 kia sorento is doing the same thing. I have 145000 on mine and had the timing belt replaced at 75000. The dealer also said it was either my ignition sensor or my crank sensor. Did you get your issue resolved? What was your problem?

My 03 Sorento would die for no apparent reason-but start right back after a minute or so. So I took it to Kia and they could not figure out the problem because once it restarted it would clear the code. Finally after them driving it for a day or so it died and they were able to find that it was the crankshaft sensor. But when they were replacing it they did recommend replacing all the belts-including the timing belt. I only had to pay for the belts though no additional labor because to get to the sensor they have to take all of them off anyway. It was around $600 for them to do all of that.
I few months back my car also did the same thing, my repairs came out to be around $800. I have also had to switch out my cam cam shaft kit and as of today my compressor. Does anyone have any electrical issues of both the inside and outside of their car? My left brake constantly goes out but if you actually hold it, the light will come back on. What's up with that?
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