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Q: Crankshaft Bolt Sheared off 2003 Kia Sorento LX 110,000 miles on 2003 Kia Sorento

So the crankshaft bolt on my 03 KIA Sorento LX, has broken/sheared off in the engine. I bought it used and have only had it a month, it's not even paid for yet. I see a lot of people with the same problem on many years and have even seen a few class action law suits out there, has anyone had the same problem? My mechanic is trying to back out the screw, has anyone encountered this problem, replacing the option isn't an option at this time. Any info you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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It is very possible someone reused this bolt after removal, that was a mistake! The crankshaft timing gear and the balancer with this bolt will need to be replaced. AND PROPERLY TORQUED!!!! Each time this bolt is removed for any reason, a new one has got to be installed and torqued to specs., or this will happen again.
Pushrod, thank you for the response, yes it I'm sure it has been removed but only by Kia Mechanics, so wouldn't that make them responsible?? The owner(family member) has all the maintenance history.
Yes if you have a record showing that the OLD bolt was not replaced then you may want to at least talk to them. I had one just like this towed to the shop a couple of months ago, the balancer had been removed to install a crank sensor (by another shop) just a few days prior. The old bolt was reused and i think it was undertorqued to tell the truth! So after seeing that one, i ALWAYS replace the bolt with a new one and use a 'drop' of loctite 271 on the threads. I even over torque it just a tiny bit. What i think happens is the bolt actually streaches when it is torqued from the factory, then after removal, proper torque cannot be, or is not applied! It has got to be TIGHT! The customer and the other shop had to work this out but i don't know the outcome. And i really don't want to if you know what i mean. So good luck with this!
I agree, I will speak with them, they have replaced the timing belt since doing this recall on the crankshaft. The mechanic I have currently working on it is a retired owner of a few Lexus and Toyota dealerships on the mechanic side.
He will know what to do! It has simply got to be tight but i always install a new one just to be safe. It's possible the crankshaft timing gear may be ok but if damaged i would replace it.
A it should've been, all my research says this bolts is failing also, the crankshaft is too heavy for this design and the coddle pin isn't strong enough either which plays into account this bolt failing. I've been told to get rid of this my Kia because it will happen again. Agree??
Well the one i fixed has been driven every day, as far as i know, without any issues so you know i can't advise one way or another. Seems they only give problems after having been removed. The pin is just for reference alignment, not to hold anything!
Yes I know that, my pin was completely flat though, when it is supposed to be round, right? I heard of someone replacing the bolt 6 times over 4 years because it kept failing, including the recalled ones. Thanks for your help and advice, will keep you posted. Hope everything gets taken care of.
There is a class action against Kia for this problem. contact the lawyer
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