Q: cranks wont start no spark to coil on 1996 Ford F-150

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engine cranks wont start no spark from coil.have replaced crank sensor,coil,icm,starter relay,ignition switch,and pcm.when testing remote icm found #4 pin not recieving signal from ignition switch.could find no open wires all ohm tested good under hood.all bulk connectors look good no pins pushed out help.
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crank sensor?? does this have a distributor?? when you checked the coil. did the negative side toggle to fire the coil??

Roy my understanding from the limited information inthe haynes manual the icm sends that signal to the coil.but without the voltage from the ignition switch in start position it wont toggle the coil. yes it does have a crank sensor which i cant find in any wiring diagrams and it does have a di distributor with remote ignition control module
has new crank sensor new computer electronic module and distributor moduleturn switch on has 12 volt meter has 12 volts at the coil on both sides when you crank the vehicle with the key it has no fire going through this coming out of the coil or out of the distributor come on