Q: Cranks won't start on 1994 Jeep Wrangler

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My 1994 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 will run fine then all of a sudden will crank but won't start. After a day it would start back up with no problem and last for a few weeks then do it again. I have replaced the distributor, coil, wires, and spark plugs. Now it is to the point when it happens it won't start for 2 days. I'm not sure which sensor module or computer to replace next without replacing them all. Please contact me at
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I had the same problem in my 2002 grand Cherokee, replacing the crankshaft position sensor ($60) fixed....
Fixing cars starts with diagnosis and ends with replacing or repairing things. The idea that you replace parts until it's fixed without diagnosing the systems first is not going to make a successful career if you're a mechanic.
You need to check for spark, fuel pressure and injector pulse when it's failing. Once you have the failure identified, you can diagnose ignition, fuel pressure or whatever you've found.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
Did you ever get a fuel pressure check to see if the fuel pump works? Can you hear the fuel pump buzzing with the ignition ON?
The best thing would be to get a diagnostic from a Jeep specialty shop, this way you don't have to replacing good components.

No i have no noticed the fuel pump buzzing, but I will check that out. Thank you for the quick response.

Ok tried starting after 4th day which has never happened before and there is no definitely no buzzing from the fuel pump. So could it be it's not getting any fuel? Thank you for your help.

Replaced the fuel pump relay and that fixed it. Thank you for your advice, it was very mind boggling trying to figure this problem out. You put me on the right track and with your help I was able to fix the problem with out spending a great deal of money.

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