Q: Cranks several times before starting on 2003 GMC Sonoma

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Had the fuel pump changed and the problem went away for about 2 weeks. Now it's back to cranking several times before it starts. It starts immediately if I re-start it right after running for awhile. I think the fuel pump is loosing its prime again. What else could be causing this?
(2) Answers
Was the Check Valve replaced as well? Because this sounds like the Check Valve is bleeding down. The Check Valve holds fuel pressure when you shut off the engine.
Could be dirty injectors. Try using the techron additive. Could also be dirty fuel filter. Also try turning ignition to run for a few seconds first this will run the fuel pump and see it it makes any difference. I have a similar problem adding techron seemed to make it significantly better. At over 135,000 I don't expect it to run like new.