Q: Running died, Cranks, but wont start on 2001 Buick LeSabre

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The car was running down the road began to run rough and stopped. The car has low miles (36K). Tried to restart cranked but would not start. Removed plugs and show spark, smell gas when testing for spark with plug removed. No engine codes present with an ODB meter. Fuel pump sounds like it is priming. low oil warning came on initially but goes away and oil level is fine (supposedly there is a fuel cutoff associated with a low oil level warning). Before I replace the oil sensor, I would appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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Fuel pressure can only vary slightly. If pressure has dropped more than 5-10 psi it will not run. Very possibly lost a fuel pump. A known issue with GM products. A fuel pressure test would be your first place to go.

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