Q: cranks but wont start on 1995 Ford Ranger

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Has been on and off for awhile would drive it to the store or work and get ready to leave and it will crank but won't start, have it towed to a garage and the dang thing will start. but this time my wife drove it home and now it wont start at all. I have replaced the CPS plugs and wires.
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I'm thinking this might be a fuel pump relay. It's always best to try and figure out what is missing when the engine wont start, like missing spark to the plugs, fuel pressure, injector operation etc.
The problem might be the fuel pump that's located in the fuel tank. When you turn the ignition key to the forward position without turning the engine over, listen for the fuel pump to pump up the gas in the fuel line. It will make a swirling sound. If you can not hear this noise, with the key still in the forward position, reach under the car and smack the bottom of the fuel tank. If the pump makes the swirling sound and the car then starts, you will need to replace the fuel pump.

you most likely have
a defective fuel pump
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