Q: Cranks but won't fire? on 1995 Jeep Wrangler

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Sahara, 4.o liter. Cranks, cranks, cranks, but won't fire. Replaced coil, plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Have not been able to get a spark from the coil or a plug when trying to arc it. Gives me diagnostic code 32 when using the on,off,on,off,on method. No code 32 shown anywhere that I can find. Any suggestions? Is it the PCM? I've got tons of fuel pressure at the manifold, I replaced the fuel filter thinking it may be that. My daughter was driving it and she said when she put it in drive to pull in the garage, it wouldn't go anywhere and shut it off. When I wen't out to restart it, it would just crank? Help me please. WIll provide more info if needed Thanks, DAve
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Probably the crank position sensor has failed.The CPS is something that is prone to failure with age and will stop a engine dead. $61 to $139 at the parts stores
Thanks Hemicuda. That was it!!! Tried the cam positioning sensor the other day no dice...replaced the CPS tonight and she fired right up! I really appreciate your help! I now have replaced everything in the iginition system and she's running great! Even shifts and accelerates better...$60 bucks at O'reily's!
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