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Q: crack tie rod....causes only had car 3 weeks and only has 30k miles on it on 2008 BMW 335i

Car sat on snowcovered driveway for over 8 days. Due to the snow everytime I tried to move it I slid so I gave up until last night only to find out when I called roadside assistance that the tie rod was cracked. My driveway is gravel , no obstructions. Why could have happened I am under warrranty should this be covered?
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Did you see the cracked tie rod with your own eyes? I say this because many well intentioned tow truck drivers give opinions on what is wrong with a car, and by the time is gets to the shop, the owner of the vehicle is telling me " the tow truck driver said it's 'so and so' wrong with my car" when in fact, the tow truck driver had no idea what the real issue was. Why not get your car towed to a good German shop, or the Dealership and have a skilled Tech look carefully at your car while it is up on a lift, and then bring you over and show you and explain to you in plain language what is wrong with your BMW.
yes I did and he explained why he had to come back with a different truck to take it to BMW. I only had it 3 wks (bought it w/30K). Only put 100 miles on it. I just am baffled how this could have happened. Did hear anything or hit anything ... just a bit of gravel built up from trying to move it out of the slush. Only 3 mins I tried to do this and then called Roadside.
I too have a cracked tie rod on my 2004 Sequoia. The body of the passanger side tie rod cracked in half and sent the vehicle into a parked car. I have pictures, if someone can tell me how to share them.
Yes, it should be covered. I'd like to know, how could the tie rod cracked??? The joint can get loose, it can be bent, but cracked?? Was it the tow truck driver told you that??

Zee was. However, he never touch the vehicle. Due to the snow we had 8 days later I tried to move it. A light when on and I start to slide only a few inches. I had to stop otherwise I would have hit a tree. The only thing I could think of that as I was trying to move it in the now melted snow (wet leaves were now under in and my driveway is gravel) perhaps the gravel could have done it. The car is so low to the ground that there might have only been an extra inches of gravel kicked up. The driver showed this to me because I told him about the light before he got here. I'm just hoping the warranty will cover it. It sat for over a week in the snow (5") before it finally melted. It was still slippery that is why I decided to call Rd. Asst. and they sent the driver out. the car is now at BMW. I'm just asking out of curiousity how this happened... since I haven't heard back today.
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