Q: Couple weeks ago with the temperatures in the high 90's...I noticed my air on 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer

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conditioner was not working so well...I had the freon checked...and the fellow added some..but told me he thought the door controlling the air flow on the drivers side was stuck shut. I get air flow through the vents on drivers side...but no cool air. I suppose I need to investigate under the dash and see what i can free up. Any suggestions for what I should be looking at/for ?
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Service information states it will be necessary to remove the dash to access the left side temperature actuator. However, the illustration looks as if you may see it just to the left of the gas pedal. Three actuators are shown. The lowest one is for the left side temperature control.
I'll take a look...thanks. Is this something I can smother in silicone ...and hope to free up ? Not sure what I will find or should do with the actuater ? Just handy enough to be dangerous :o)
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