Q: Could shaking and vibration while braking at higher speeds be from the abs? on 2009 Honda Accord

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While braking at speeds over 50mph I get violent shaking and vibration; is this normal due to ABS or is it my rotors?
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Most likely your front rotors are warped. Contrary to other statement Hondas' pad design and materials usually last about 30-40K on rear and 50-70K on front. Recommend resurface and Honda pads , to avoid noises due to mis-matched pad/rotor materials.
I would recomend replacing front rotors rather than resurfacing them because the thinner you machine them its more likely they will warp again
No, that is not normal at all. That means one of 2 things: Your brake pads and rotors need to be replaced or just your brake pads. The front brakes go out more than the rear brakes, and that is a ratio normally of 3 to 1. So I would get your brakes looked at, and you can take it to Midas (free brake inspection) or to National Tire and Battery, or to your dealership.

To me? This problem happens to be your brakes -- pads and rotors.

Good luck and hope this helps.