Q: Could power flushing cooling system cause the low pressure hose to leak?? on 2005 Nissan Maxima

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I had a multi point inspection on my car in May 2010. I had standard service done due to time/miles and they had power flushed cooling system and replaced AC filter. I took my car in on Nov 1. 2010 for another multi point inspection at which time I was told to replace the AC Low Side Hose. When I took my car in for an oil change on Nov. 3rd, I was told that the air filter needed changing. I also got a 2nd estimate for the hose repair. On Nov. 17, my AC completely stopped cooling. Could the flushing of a cooling system cause the hose to leak?
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flushing cooling system would no cause the leak moving lines on older car some time causes them to leak ass well ass cooler wether the material in the hose contract and expands with temperature change the rubber in the hoses harden with age causing small leaks
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