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Q: Could cooling system fluid be leaking into oil through waterpump? on 1994 Mazda B2300

A few weeks ago, my truck broke down. I thought it had jumped time, but it was the timing belt and waterpump that needed replaced. At the same time, I had a new thermostat put in and a oil change/filter done. I noticed that my heat wasn't working, so I took it in and had the radiator and cooling system flushed. It ended up being flushed 3 times. The heat was only barely working, so I told them to try another thermostat. Well the one that was put in first, was put in crooked without gasket sealer. So it warped the thermostat and the housing. A new thermostat was put in, it took 2 gaskets to get it to seal good. A few days later, my check engine light came while I was driving 35-40 mph. I only had a mile left to my destination. The first thing I did was pop the hood and start checking fluids. Well, when I got to the oil, the stick was creamy white. Of couse the first thing that came to my mind, was that I blew my headgasket. Is it possible that fluids could be leaking from any other place, like the waterpump area or such. I was wondering this since the first person that put in the thermostat crooked also put in the waterpump.
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Unfortuanately, with the information provided, I think that you do have a headgasket that is blown. I can not think of anywhere that the oil and coolant could comtaminate eachother. Have a block test performed on your vehicle. This is a chemical fluid which detects hydrocarbons in the cooling system.
That,s what I was afraid of, but I thought it was worth a shot to ask. I was given a price of $475. to have the heads resurfaced and a new gasket. Is that a good price? I thought it was, but I'm just a single chick that knows some about car repair, not all of it. Is it nessesary to have the heads resurfaced or just best for my truck?
The machine shop will check the cyl. head for warpage. If it's warped the head has to be resurfaced, if it's within specifications the machine shop will clean the surface. I'd suggest to replace the valve stem seals while the cyl. head is off.

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