Q: could codes be stuck in hard drive on computer,also 4 o2 sensors ,costly advise on 2003 Ford F-150

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whats this?
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i assume thats po131 code. you have o2sensor wiring issues. i rec you throw in the towel and go get a diag and est.sorry its going to be a tu=ough one
thanks,can o2 be back probed,to find possible faulty one ,also disconnected battery ,pulled 50 amp fuse power source also relay pcm,also had parts house dump codes ,came back 20 30 miles later seafoam in gas also induction wise;call if you like 17273753244 bob
hey guys,thanks engine ser lite comes on 20 miles or so,reset have erased ,pulled relays pcm ,power source also ,, seafoam in tank throttle boby still same ps 2003 ford 100k ,could low octane be issue?o2 check good advise ;
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