Q: Could anyone tell me our a good diagnstic shop in calgary ab, on 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

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I have engine light on and with it i get a clunk in reverse and forward shifting is rough! It would be nice to know a shop that can do diagosis to this 1995 olds aurora, with 93k and at 70k the trans was changed in year 2000! could the lack of use cause probems with the electrics, or could the dealer be rie in telling me to change a solanoid in the trans! the car sat when alt needed a change for 2 months! When i started the car to move in shop, thats when engine lite came on and i put in reverse and trans clunked! changed alt, and eng lite stayed off for 2 days! I would like to meet a fellow who can do good diagnosis to the clasic! Any insight is welcome here! This site is new to me!
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