Q: Could a Fault code P0151 cause the O2 sensors to all fail on a 2003 Astro 4.3V6? on 2003 Chevrolet Astro

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code p0101 p0131 p0137 p0151 service eng light has been on for 2000 mi. Initially the light did not stay on. When I started the van on the morning after it did not come on for days. It came on again under load after warming up. In time it started getting more steady on. Now it just stays on.The van has 171,000 mi runs smooth but bad mpg.
17.1 average. The 02 sensors appear to be in good condition and newer than the van, but at least 2 years old. The voltage at the Mass or Volume Air Flow plug is correct. Thank you.
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When you say "the O2 sensors APPEAR to be in good condition" is that from monitoring them with a scanner (live data) , or just a visual inspection of their outer appearance? What specific reading(s) do you have for the MAF?
Visual inspection is the current data. I just got a scanner so I should be able to get more information soon. 12 volt power supply, and ground is working at 12 volts also on the maf. My testing was limited to the tools until today. Thank you.
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