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1996 Honda Accord Question: Costs regarding regular maintenance schedule

I am just curious...Why am I being quoted prices from shops that are easily 100.00 more than these costs shown for my search, just for a regular maintenance schedule? It's not as if there is some weird unknown factor affecting the estimate? Thanks... -
Answer 1
The weird unknown factor here in your question is that you do not say which maintenance you are looking at so we can help with question...lol.. -
Comment 1
You are SO right, I didn't mention that....I am looking at the 30K interval maintenance for a car that has about 145K on it.. -
Answer 2
The difference in shop prices has to do with the quality of parts instaleld and their competence. Timing belt jobs on your Accord with new water pump and and valve adjustment are in the $800.00 range. Call a no name small shop that is trying to bait and switch you and they'll tell you $500 max to get you inthe door then lower the boom while your standing their with your wife and kids. Rule of thumb: Know exactly what the shop is recommending and the prices will seem like they are mor ein line. Good luck. -