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Q: Cost to Replace Head Gasket on 2004 Toyota Sienna

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Found coolant on my engine. Toyota dealer quoted $2,900 to check and replace unless there are other issues. does this sound reasonable? is there anything i should be on guard for?
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The estimate you have for the head gasket replacement on your 2004 Toyota Sienna is slightly higher than the RepairPal estimate but not to far off, please see the following link for more details - Your dealer may be suggesting more work than is included in the RepairPal estimate so please check carefully when comparing. I may be a good idea to discuss the RepairPal estimate with the service writer at your local Toyota dealership if you are unsure of the differences.
Seems kinda early to need a head gasket,,,is the coolent there every time you drive it? it may be coming from a hole in one of the rubber hoses going to the radiator which when you drive would then blow all over the engine,,,,usually if a head gasket goes you CANNOT see it from the outside until its toooo late,,, you will however see it in your oil when you change it or major steam coming from tailpipe all the time, your van would also run terrible--the head gasket keeps the water from your engine from getting into your oil and visa versa That is about it, and when it gets bad it either contaminates the oil and car runs bad or when it is completely gone,,,,blows a huge billow of white steam out of the tailpipe,,,and time to sell the van!! game over..good luck
Unfortunately sienna vans are known for head gaskets.If the headgasket is bad,and it is leaking into the combustion chamber! a simple chemical test from a garage can determine this. You also can run a couple simple tests at home to check for head gasket problems. First is,if the vehicle runs rough,try taking the radiator cap off and see if it runs better. This releaves pressure on the cooling system and will slow down the coolant going into the cylinders. You can also try taking off your radiator cap and put a rubber glove over the hole while the vehicle is running. if the glove blows up! thats not good.
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