cost to repair a small leak on evaporative emission system on 2003 Ford Explorer

How much does it cost to repair/replace a small leak on evaporative emission system.

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First you need to locate the leak. A small leak is only about .020" in size, so you need special EVAP testing tools to find it. I do Emissions Diagnosis and Repair work in California at a Gold Shield Emissions Station, which means that the State sends us the really hard to repair Emissions issues.
Ford Explorers have several places where they leak, the Fuel Filler Neck, the Canister Vent Valve, Vapor Control Valve and even the Fuel Cap.
Take your Ford to a shop that knows what all of these terms mean.
what about a 03 dodge Caravan with 2.5 engine. where can it be ?
i have an emissions leak in my titan 2008 truck according to the plug in computer thing that tells you whats wrong with your car, and i understand that to put the gas into the truck its about 100 dollars. but depending on how big and where the leak is how much does it range to fix whats wrong with it? if you were to quess? if you can answer this please reply and i will check this page.
Hi Dandd: I'm a female with a 1996 Ford I bo't a CanOBD2 Diagnostic tool 3100. My engine light keeps coming on and now the break light is. Can you give me any suggestions......being not a male, this is fairly new to me. Thanx, Odessa, TX