Q: Cost of repair on 2008 Lincoln MKZ

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My MKZ has 30,000Miles. In the last 2 mos., it has failed to start on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd tries, but then does. Prior to this problem, my battery died and the dealership replaced it. When I took it in this time, they tried resetting the code on the key switch thinking this was the problem. Now, they think it is a short in the ignition switch causing the problem. So far, my bill has been around $375.00 for battery and the labor for the key code etc. They are saying that this new short problem will be around $699.00. What do you think ? Thank you,
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sounds like they are guessing seek a 2nd opinion or let them go and see if that fixes it. tell them this is it and if it doesn'T FIX YOU ARE TAKING CAR AT N/C FOR A2ND EST
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