Q: cost for valve repair on 1998 Chevrolet Prizm

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Have 86 Chev Nova (made by Toyota..same as 86 Corolla). White/blue smoke from tailpipe upon starting car and when shifting. Am sure is burning oil. Trying to get an idea which is most cost effective: (1) repair (2) buy used/rebuilt engine (3) donate car and take the tax deduction or (4) any other suggestions.
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I would have the vehicle inspected and see what other repairs or maintenance the car may need prior to making a big investment. Look up and see what the fair market value of your car is. These are a great car but it may be a waste or false economy to put a lot of money into the car if it needs or will soon need other expensive repairs. Engine oil may be burned either through worn valve guides or valve guide seals, or though worn out piston oil control rings or damaged piston/cylinder bores.
A cylinder leakage test and compression test may determine the overall health of the engine. Labor to remove the cylinder head and do a "valve job" is about 10 to 12 hours labor plus parts, labor to remove the engine and replace depends on options (air cond, power steering automatic transmission ect....) is about about 15 to 17 hours once all parts are transferred and the car is driven and adjustments carried out. Price of parts and taxes will vary depending on where parts are sourced.