Q: cost for replacing front & rear engine mounts on 2006 Nissan Murano

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Just took my car in for 100,000 tune up and was told i need front & rear engine mounts replaced. What should this cost? Is this normal? Took to local dealer where I bought car - Mossy Nisan. How are they rated in terms of servicer & costs?
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I took my car to my local Goodyear tire store, they also do car repairs. I was given a price of approx.l $1,500 to replace the engine mounts. I will be getting prices from a few local mechanic shops.
Go to a local shop. Dealer is a rip off. They quoted me 600 for 2, and had them done for 200 by a local guy.

I took my 2004 Murano with 86,000 miles in to Firestone for all 3 engine mounts to be replaced. The cost is 1400. By days end, I paid $1200. That does include labor.
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