Q: Cost for a new catalytic converter installed. on 2002 Infiniti I35

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Where should I go to have catalytic converter installed? dealer vs Independent? I have 169,500 miles. What happens if i don't get it repaired right away?
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You can probably get a good price at a high-quality independent shop. The consideration you want to make is a good, manufacturer-spec part versus what's called a "universal cat". Universals are really cheap, but they often don't get the job done and can prevent you from passing a state emissions inspection, if you need one in your state.

Also, catalytics converters are commonly the victims of some other problem, so it's best to have the shop you work with determine that there isn't something else going on that will just burn up your new cat.
Take a look at the estimate for your area in the RepairPal estimator. It'll give you a range from the bottom of the barrel to a dealer part in your area.