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Q: cost estimate for wheel bearing and radiator, and also general overheating question on 1995 Toyota Corolla

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Here's the story....
As I was driving home today, my car suddenly stopped. I thought that maybe it overheated and checked the coolant. When I opened the hood, I noticed the coolant was empty, so I filled it up, waited a few minutes and then proceeded to drive. It stopped again, and I could smell that it was overheating, although there was no steam coming from under the hood. The low fuel light had just turned on, and I eventhough it needed gas, I thought, it generally means I have a few miles to go. A guy suggested that maybe I ran out of gas, so I put gas in it, waited a few minutes and then drove it home (all within a few miles). As I pulled into the parking space, it died again. This time there was steam coming from under the hood.

My questions...
Could running out of gas cause overheating?
Does overheating indicate that I need a new radiator?
How much does is cost to repair/replace a radiator?

On another note... what is the estimated cost to replace two front wheel bearings?

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Another topic
You need to have a shop check this before further damage to your engine occurs due to overheating and you can check those prices here And you can find a shop near you here Call a couple of shops and tell them you found them on
No. running out of gas can not cause overheating. Overheating can be caused by several things. A radiator leaks is one possibility, Others would include leaks from water pump, hoses, heater core etc. Could also be a bad thermostat or even electric fans not coming on. Need to have problem properly diagnosed and then determine if this is also causing your dieing issue. Would recommend not driving until you get it figured out. Does the temp gauge work? Or does it just have a temp light?
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