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Q: CORRIDED BRAKE LINE on 2003 Chevrolet Venture

My ABS light wont go off, just had the front pads replaced & mechanic said the brake line is corrided - is there a recall for this? Is this normal? I only have 37,000 miles on it. Would the manufacter warranty still cover this & most importantly, is this dangerous to drive & costly to fix?
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Your mechanic could have triggered the ABS code when he/she replaced the brakes, and if the rotors are rough, or warped that alone can set off an ABS code. I would try to clear the ABS code. Why didn't your mechanic clear the code. When you do any brake work on a GM of this year, you almost always have to clear the ABS system.
AS for the rust, how rusty are the brake lines? Because rust alone would not trigger any ABS code, unless the lines are leaking fluid and then you would get a red brake light as well,do you have a red brake light? I am not convinced, by the info that you are getting from your mechanic that he/she is totally on top of what they are doing. When you replace brake pads, you have to be careful not to jiggle or upset the ABS sensors as well.
As for warranty on the rust on the brake lines, if you live in an area or go to an area with snow, (Flagstaff etc ), then you will get rust and I doubt that will covered under warranty. How about going to a shop that can properly diagnose the ABS issue, and give you a second opinion on your brake line rust, your mechanic sounds a little limited.
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