Q: Correct Vacuum readings for EGR on 1999 Toyota Camry

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First - I have read all on-line information and this is NOT posted. I have searched the OEM service manuals and can't find these settings there either. I am asking for new information if anyone knows it. Here goes:
Assuming an ERG system is working right, and with a vacuum gauge connected in line with the egr valve; the car is moving down the road 35mph - what should the vacuum to the EGR valve be reading on that vacuum gauge? How about 65mph with rpms at 2200?(assume engine warmed up and throttle is held stead with RPMS at about 2000rpms.
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I've tried this on other vehicles, and I would find that the vacuum applied to the EGR valve would vary. Depends on several factors, engine speed, load, temperature etc.
It doesn't surprise me you can't find these specs, you will likely have to run this test on a couple similar vehicles and come up with your own specs.
If you haven't seen this article, check it out. It's from one of the leading emissions experts in California and it has info not published elsewhere:
Your post was not helpful. When you see my name listed, please don't answer - this is the second time you've not answered what I asked. I posted that I have read the online information. There must be a known vacuum range that is considered normal and I asked if anyone knew what that was. Since you don't - why answer?