Q: Cooling Fans don't turn on. on 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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My 1995 3.1 Monte Carlo gets really hot but not to the point of overheating yet when I'm driving in traffic. Niether fans turn on, replaced both fan relays, both fan motors run when connected directly to power. I replaced the ECT sensor and still nothing. I just disconnected the ECT sensor and started the car and both fans turn on. Could I have a bad ECT sensor that I just bought?
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no, when you disconnected the ect, the computer saw a temp of about 340 degrees and was trying to cool it down by kicking on the fans.
i would start with a thermostat. i hope there is no internal engine damage from running it hot.

I never let it get to hot and I'm not currently driving it. The thermostat is a year old. Would that affect turning on the fans? I just can't get the fans to turn on. Any harm of leaving ECT unpugged and leaving the fans run all the time? Thanks for the response. Trying to get to the bottom of it.
thermostat is a main controller to the temp to the ect. yes, i would replace it.
no, do not leave the ect disconnected as it has the motor running full lean and will run bad.

why dont you get an opinion from a shop?? at least they can diag it for you.