Q: cooling fan does not come on. Car almost overheated. on 2001 Saturn SL2

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I replaced the cooling fan relay and now the fan comes on when the air conditioning is on, but hasn't come on when the car is running without the A/C on. Has not overheated. Is there anything else that should me checked?
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Than means two things , 1. Your fan is working along with the relay, 2. Your fan switch signal is not there , check temp switch with a scaner
I replaced the cooling fan relay and the temp switch and still have the same issue. My friend who is a mechanic says its probably the computer. I purchased one through ebay and made sure the model number matched. I have not installed it because I'm not quite sure how to do the relearn procedure yet for the anti theft system. Do you agree it is probably the computer? Thanks for your input. I'm a single gal out of work right now and on Worker's Comp, so my funds are stretched all the time.