GMC Envoy Problem Report

GMC Envoy Check Engine Light and/or Excessive Fan Noise

(46 reports)

The cooling fan clutch may fail causing excessive fan noise and/or the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

When I step on the gas the engine fan gets loud like a plane is about to take off./ -
If not fix - what damage could it cause? -
has not been repaired due to excessive cost. -
Fan clutch Makes a roaring noise and turns the SES light on when running the a/c -
The fan clutch will not engage. My lights have not came on as of yet. I can't afford to have the engine over heat. The part costs way to much. I believe if the envoy is doing this it should be a recall. -
Needed to replace fan clutch -
Same issue was told it was fan clutch. just had replaced and now the damn thing is ticking. took it back and they said it was normal! it never ticked before and I have had the car for a year! -
Check Engine Light illuminated and took the car to the dealer to have it checked. They ran a diagnostic test and said the Cooling Fan Clutch needed to be changed. Cost $1185.00. Outrageous! Read other same complaints about cooling fan clutch. With the number of complaints, shouldn't this be a recall also? -
Same issue loud noise under hood, brought to dealear confirmed fan clutch issue and about $800 to fix. -
Same problem -
noise when revving up -
When I start my 2003 GMC Envoy, it the motor sounds like it is racing but I am not going more than 20 mph. The racing sound goes away sometime but it consistence. I have replaced the clutch fan but the racing sound did not go away. Any suggestions, I've been yelled at on neighbor streets as they hear my engine racing but I'm only going 20 mph. -
eng fan stays on at start up with cold eng. sounds like a jet taking off when accelerating. replaced vis/elec clutch with none oem part. worked ok for a year or so and same thing again. will replace with oem part this time I guess. -
fan makes whiney noise and check engine light is on. -
When increase engine the sounds loud and constant issue with adding coolant to system. Have been told that it sounds like a fan clutch issue. -
Sounds luke a plane taking off when I step on gas -
too much noise from fan when accelerating and bogs engine down -
I had many consistent problems with this car included ticking for at least 2 minutes near center of dash. The second time I'm hearing the sound of it getting louder when I am accelerating. Put a lot of money into repairs on this vehicle and it seems to be consistent with it's problems reoccurring. -
Fan clutch stuck on. Like a jet engine. Good local shop fixed it but was still $660. A pretty common problem. -
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