Q: coolant - was running my car without coolant for more than a year will that afec on 2000 Nissan Altima

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I was running my car without coolant just filling it with water, but when i filled it with coolant till the top of the collant bottle, next day when i open and see teh coolant bottle it was till half of the bottle only then i took my car to mechanic then he said thermostart needs to be changed and he charged $100, what could be the real problem and did he charged much for what he did
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Labor guide time to replace the thermostat is .8 hours do his labor is acceptable. He obviously had a reason to replace the thermostat either it was stuck open which would effect emissions, heater operation and cause engine wear, or it was sticking closed or not opening fully which would cause overheating. Why were you not running coolant was there a leak and was it repaired?